Stephen Dias
2014-10-22 00:02:58 UTC
Dear Bevinda ColacoEditor of Target Goa.
Thanks for publishing your article and I fully support your Editorial or a
report published in your paper in regards to illegal Tiracol Bridge across
the estuary of Tiracol river at Pernem Taluka and that NGT is rightly taken
up this issue and it should be stopped immediately. These organisations
like GSIDC , GCZMA and Ministry of Environment and Forest are the party by
give approvals which is against the interest of public and this was merely
in the interest of great Lords who wants to start Golf courses and earn
money. Who is the main culprit is the Member Secretary of GCZMA Srinet
Kotwale responsible by giving clearances etc and this is not the first time
he is doing that, but I have been shouting for particular project which is
already come up at Aivao-Caranzalem by National Water Sports Authority and
inspite of the complaint made by Prof (Dr) Joe D'Sousa that this is coming
in violation of CRZ and it is low lying area without clearances of EIA and
others. This part of the project was hurriedly approved and inaugurated by
Chief Minister recently. This project was projected in 2005 and could not
get it through for various reasons and now all of a sudden the GSIDC in
connection with GCZMA, TCP and others took it up and construction is going
on in full swing. Who should be responsible for it for such a blunder which
I heard from one the Member of GCZMA saying that it comes within 200 metres
water tide line and it is within the set limits of approval. Who knows
which figure is right and earlier I was told that it was 100 metres and who
has inspected it in detail. I understand that that figure was taken up from
a Google mapping which is still under dispute by the Court. This distance
should have been measured in tapes and not by Google mapping which i am
sure there is some interest for some party to start the water sports and
crowd the main D.Paula -Miramar roads by the traffic and also the residents
of Aivao village who used to play in this ground are been deprived of those
activities as well as some field cultivation for those poor people living
there. An another project was also informed to GCZMA authorities about the
oncoming heavy construction at Portais area ( Mala) which is also in low
lying areas ( where I lived in Portais for more than 40 years) and this is
being approved by TCP and GCZMA by giving their consent . The St. Ines
creek is an another blunder which will never be solved by any Government in
power. Recently this cleaning operation at this creek was inaugurated by a
MLA who was deputed by CM, and anybody can see that nothing is followed it
up and it looks deserted with foul smell. Herald newspaper building and
Vivanta Hotel is just at the vicinity of this creek where it was
inaugurated are shown no interest and they are just mum. Considering all
these illegal approvals I feel that the GCZMA Member Secretary Mr. Srinet
is incompetent to hold this post and either he should be replaced or GCZMA
to be dissolved. Nowadays the activists and the public in Goa has no voice
to raise for any illegalities going on in Goa and even the Press reports do
have any say.
Stephen Dias, D.Paula


National Green Tribunal issues notices of stay on construction of Tiracol

20, Oct 2014

*PRESS RELEASE | * The National Green Tribunal (NGT) has issued notice to
the Goa State Infrastructure Development Corporation, GCZMA and the
Ministry of Environment and Forests on the construction of the Tiracol

The NGT was considering an appeal filed by the Goa Foundation on the issue.

The notice was issued on 10 October, 2014 and the application has now been
posted for hearing on interim relief including stay of the construction on

The Foundation sought to challenge the CRZ clearance dated 22.10.2013
granted by the GCZMA for construction of a major bridge project across the
Tiracol estuary costing Rs.77 crores as it was in violation of the CRZ
Notification 1991/2011 issued under the provisions of the Environment
Protection Act, 1986 and the approved Goa Coastal Zone Management Plan
dated 27.9.1996.

Permission as required from the Ministry of Environment & Forests has not
been obtained. The GSIDC has nonetheless commenced construction of the
bridge. Permission has been granted by the GCZMA despite the
characterization of the area as CRZ I and in violation of the provisions
and procedures laid down in the CRZ notification.

The bridge access on southern side is being constructed in the beach zone,
immediately on the HTL of Querim beach which is demarcated as CRZ I as per
the approved Coastal Zone Management Plan and CRZ notification. The bridge
is being constructed without prescribed study of environmental impact and
that too in the NDZ of Querim and across the estuary of Tiracol river which
is ecosensitive area and in the absence of an approved CZMP.

Northern side access is in Tiracol village, in forested land, for which no
diversion order under FCA, 1980, has been obtained. According to the GSIDC
website, work commenced on bridge construction in June 2014.

The appeal alleges the bridge design and project was part of a press note
issued by project consultants seeking to construct a golf course in the
village of Tiracol. Hence the public purpose of bridge construction is

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