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2014-10-22 13:00:25 UTC
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Subject: 24 hours to save the Western Ghats

Dear friends across India,

In 24 hours, we have an amazing chance to save India?s beautiful Western Ghats from destruction. Constructors and miners are eyeing these ancient?hills and forests?and if we stand by, our government will let them destroy our environment even further. So let?s act now.

Running through six states, the Ghats are home to Asian elephants, tigers, sloth bears and many more species that are found nowhere else in the world.?But our political leaders are treating these vast UNESCO World Heritage sites?like a commercial goldmine?scrapping a government?report calling for its protection.?That's why international pressure from UNESCO?is crucial and it has worked before! India quickly acted to restore a heritage railway in Darjeeling?after a UNESCO inspection.?Lets get UNESCO to step in again to protect this incredible natural environment.

We are meeting with Kishore Rao, the head of UNESCO tomorrow in Paris! If we all sign now, we can show him that thousands of Indians like us want to see the Western Ghats protected. Sign now and share this widely:


The Western Ghats mountain chain is home to at least 325 globally threatened species of flora and fauna and also sustains the?livelihoods of millions of Indians.?But relentless large scale commercial activity?is causing the ecological destruction that is also claiming human lives. In recent months a whole village near Pune was flattened because of landslides which killed 130 people.?

The new government says it is concerned about climate change, but it is yet to show this in practice.?It has allowed irrigation projects without the requisite clearances, eroded democracy by taking away power from the National Board of Wildlife and from tribal councils to oppose big corporations, and acted to allow even more industry in critically polluted areas, among other measures.?

These Ghats are?considered one of the world's eight "hottest hotspots" of biodiversity. The UN just agreed to double financial aid to foster biodiversity so now, let?s tell it to act for the Western Ghats. International pressure is crucial to saving these beautiful hills and in 24 hours we can send our message straight to the UNESCO head. Sign now!


The global Avaaz community recently participated in the biggest climate march of all time. We are mobilising to protect our planet and its resources and governments around the world are starting to listen. By saving the Western Ghats, not only are we securing nature and wildlife, but also the lives and livelihoods of millions of our fellow citizens. Let?s act today, before it?s too late.

In hope,

Alaphia, Shreya, and the rest of the Avaaz team

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