Dabolim v/s Mopa - Luizinho, Sardinha, Rane, Damu, Navy etc
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2014-10-16 04:34:09 UTC
1998 Chief Minister Rane okayed or proposed Mopa Airport

on 22nd Oct 1999, the Chief Minister Luizinho Faleiro writes to
then Defence Minister Ravindra Gupta, secretary of Civil aviation
?..I would also like you to take action on our agreement
to have an International Airport at North Goa, the process for which can be
initiated immediately?

Why did Luizinho wanted the new Airport to start immediately?

The Chief Miniters Francisco Sardinha
He writes on 21st February 2000 to Civil Aviation
Minister ?..I wish to request you for your intervention in the matter for an
early decision (on Mopa Airport)?

1st May, 2000, Minister for Civil Aviation
writes to Goa Government
?..closure of Existing Dabolim Airport for Civilian
operation on commissioning of new Airpot at Mopa?

April 13, 2013 a front page interview on V Ixtt with
Former Rajya Sabha MP John Fernandes
?..I have a long discussion with Ajit Singh, the Civil Aviation Minister,
he say once Mopa Airport is Commissioned, the Dabolim Airport will be entirely
taken over by the Navy?

On Damu Naik, BJP spokesperson

Navy holding Vast vacant land, give back to us
10,00,000sqmtr vacant land
1,80,000sqmtr Golf Course
1,60,000sqmtrs other grounds

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