Goanet as learning instrument
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Radhakrishnan Nair
2006-07-25 11:42:12 UTC
<<Pity that no one took cognisance of the fact that Jinnah was an ill man -
and had very little time to live. ALL those lives disrupted and lost during
that brutal Partition ...for the sake of what? the Pride of being the FIRST
Prime Minister of India ..or preventing a chap with a Muslim Sounding Name
from being the FIRST Prime Minister of India?
Was there NO other peaceful way to solve a political disagreement?>>

That's a pretty cheap shot. It's ridiculous to suggest that Nehru
backed the partition to be the first Prime Minister of India. From
what we know of Nehru, he was not the kind of leader who would
sacrifice the interests of the country for personal gain. Anyway, if
he wanted it, he could have easily been the first Prime Minister of
undivided India. So the question of self-aggrandizement does not

Nehru was a leader of great foresight. He must have decided that
partition, however bitter and painful, was necessary to avert a
greater calamity later on. Subsequent events (that we witness even
today) have vindicated him.


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