Joseph Vaz canonization - thank you
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George Pinto
2014-10-17 18:52:26 UTC
The Joseph Naik Vaz Institute (Berkeley, California) would like to formally go on record to thank Pope Francis for favorably considering our petition to canonize Joseph Vaz (http://josephnaikvaz.org/petition_2014.html) along with the petitions/appeals from the Cardinal and Bishops of Sri Lanka and the Archbishop of Goa. We wish the Cardinals all the best in their Consistory on Oct 20 to confirm the Pope?s decision to canonize Joseph Vaz.

Our event in Rome for Joseph Vaz on Sept 23 along with the world-wide companion masses was a huge success, see report and pictures at http://josephnaikvaz.org/mass.html Thank you to all who supported this event, including the world-wide companion masses.

Also thank you to those who have written to thank us on the canonization of Joseph Vaz. We have tried to acknowledge all communication but please kindly understand the time constraints we are under in case you have not receive a response yet.

Thank you.

Joseph Naik Vaz Institute
Filomena Saraswati Giese, President

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