[Goanet] Press Release: CII Learning Outcomes in association with GOA UNIVERSITY launches online Alumni survey.
2014-10-21 11:37:17 UTC
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association with GOA UNIVERSITY launches online Alumni survey.'

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CII, Learning Outcomes in association with GOA UNIVERSITY launches online
Alumni survey

In a first of its kind attempt to obtain feedback from its graduates and
post graduates, CII Goa in association with Goa University, is launching a
survey to obtain feedback from the alumni. The survey is conducted by
Learning Outcomes, Goa and is available at www.learningoutcomes.in The
survey is designed for easy access on the Android mobile platform and also
on a desktop using Chrome browser. The survey would not take more than 3

We request all the alumni to respond and help their juniors to make a career
choice with eyes wide open. The alumnus has the option to join the institute
alumni association in which case the name and email id of the alumnus would
be passed on to the institution.

The survey seeks to record the career path of the alumni. It will identify
how many are seeking jobs, or are pursuing higher studies or are holding a
job. Graduates/ post graduates passing after 2010 can opt to provide details
of the first 3 significant jobs in their career. The survey will track the
time to get the first job, the remuneration, responsibilities and
organisation they joined. We seek information on job location, to provide
data to the policy makers about outmigration for jobs.

The alumnus can further provide inputs on the 3 subjects that he learnt,
that helped his career, 3 subjects that should have been covered extensively
and would help in the career and of course 3 subjects that did not benefit
the career and could be dropped. This would give relevant inputs to the
University Board of Studies in framing the syllabus to make it more

It needs to be emphasised that the survey is designed to ensure security of
personal information. The database of alumni logging in with their name,
graduation details and email ID will be separate from the database of
graduate data, career feedback and the inputs for curriculum etc. Personal
data and email ID input of the alumnus will generate a link to the database
with an encrypted id which will be emailed to the alumnus. This email
verification ensures data credibility and delinks personal information from

Panaji - 21 October 2014

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