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2014-10-20 14:45:04 UTC

The letter is a democratic thought. We at GSRP appreciate it. We also appreciate its publishing. Ebola is spread vide contact. The writer is right as far as the spread of Ebola is concerned. Every one should. If newspapers go on printing what they want disregarding the apprehensions of democratic citizens who need to voice their concerns, then we have a NAZI STATE of affairs. No doubt that Newspapers have acted like the LORDS ALMIGHTY when it comes to protecting their funding. But this? GSRP absolutely approves. We do not want that the Ebola scare must stall the Exposition. NO. But a clarion call has been sounded. If tomorrow Goa gets blamed, we can always say that a WARNING WAS SOUNDED. And that the Authorities took it lightly.


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I think Herald will be doing a dis-service to citizens if it stops or
censors letters!Everyone has an opinion and is free to express it.That my
dear sir is
democracy.The good and bad,the beautiful and ugly are perceptions which may
not agree with yours.So what distinguishes you from Hindutva hardliners
who ban books and speeches which they think are idiotic?

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Editor Herald

Whenever it requires to stop publishing letters you do not do it. And you publish idiotic ones in Herald dated 19th Oct, 2014, without even thinking what could be consequences of this letter of Nina D'Sousa , Merces title " POSTPONE EXPOSITON FOR FEAR OF EBOLA" . This letter published in your Letters to the Editor column is stupid. Ebola has not yet reached Goa but may be after that or never. The exposition is already been planned by million of people all over the world. Tickets are already booked and the Hotels in Goa are fully booked during that time of exposition. Who knows if according to Nina D'Sousa the exposition is postponed the Ebola will not be there? Since so far nothing is happening and if Ebola strikes during that postponed dates what Nina will do. Will she pay all the losses of tourists arriving Goa? And who is she for suggesting dates? There are visionary and better people and clergy to take care of all this. And even Govt is aware of Ebola . She does not have to worry of Ebola and I request her to pray hard not to come in this coming season of Exposition and that the Saint will surely listen to her prayers and will take care of Ebola.
Editor is requested to stop such kind of foolish letters coming on in Herald.

Stephen Dias

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